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- Traditional Homemade Christmas Fruit Cakes -



celebrate the season of joy

traditional homemade Christmas cakes

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The most wonderful time of the year, Christmas brings with it a feeling of warmth, love and joy. Amidst the love and laughter of friends and family, celebrate the holiday season with our traditional homemade Christmas fruit cakes, moist and rich with the flavours of Christmas- fig, currants, peeled ginger, raisin, orange peels, roasted nuts and nutmeg powder.

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Sheela Tomy

It was an act of service that gently nudged Sheela Tomy Kallivayalil into the world of Christmas cakes. When her father-in-law asked her, many Christmasses ago, to bake a few cakes to distribute to an old-age home, little did Sheela know that one day her Christmas cakes would be so sought after.


Although she started out with a Christmas cake recipe well known to many families in the region, over time she has improved and perfected the recipe and the process, resulting in a one-of-a-kind cake, outstanding in its texture, taste and aroma. Her penchant for perfection extends to every step of the process, from selecting the finest quality ingredients, to soaking the fruits and nuts, baking the cakes and finally packaging them and sending them out.


While the cakes are ready for sale only by November, Sheela starts soaking the carefully picked and chopped fruits and nuts as early as January. Sheela’s cakes contain no added preservatives, and yet last easily for 6 months without refrigeration (and even longer if refrigerated) because the fruits and nuts are soaked for around 6 months and are perfectly preserved by the time they go into the batter. The cakes are baked to warm Christmassy perfection in a wood-fired oven or borma. True to her Kerala roots, Sheela uses coconut shells to fuel the borma.


Sheela lives with her husband in Pala, a quaint quiet village-town in Kerala. Her husband, Tomy, has been an integral and supportive part of her entrepreneurial journey that originally started with just a few 100 cakes as a Christmas pastime to sell to her close friends and family. Today Sheela makes multiples of that but they are always sold out by early December! We like to say it takes a village to build a great successful venture, and that’s quite literally true in this case. Sheela makes these cakes with the help, support and partnership of 15 local women in her village. Sheela and her team of women feel proud each year as their cakes travel near and far spreading their wonderful rich aroma and the spirit of Christmas wherever they go.


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